Advisory Board

In Canada and Bermuda, The Salvation Army is comprised of more than 1,750 commissioned officers (ministers) and over 9,000 employees together with thousands of volunteers who, through their combined efforts, are "Giving Hope Today" to countless marginalized people for whom the restoration of hope is essential.
The Salvation Army has not come to its present position by the efforts of Salvationists alone.  Since its inception, members of the public have generously supported the Army with their time and money.  A strength of the movement is this vast Army behind the Army - citizens from many walks of life who interpret community needs, explain the Army's program to the community and support the Army's efforts to render effective service.  Many are members of advisory boards - the first of which was formed in Montreal in 1936.
The Advisory Board is made up of community members and Salvation Army personnel.  The purpose of the board is to advise and assist the local leadership of The Salvation Army on issues that have significant impact on its operations.  Such issues may include the Army's strategy and development program, public awareness, finance, legal, government relationships, etc.  The board may also focus, among other things, on helping the Army:
  • improve its operational efficiency and effectiveness related particularly to the provision of community and social services to the public and maximization of the value of assets to fund or support the delivery of such services;
  • ensure it benchmarks and uses best practices in its services provided to the wider community and is accountable and transparent to the public;
  • improve its case for support to governments and corporations to make it compelling and competitive.
The function of the board is advisory - it is not a separate entity nor is it empowered with executive or administrative authority.
Members of the Advisory Board are well-connected in the city; are aware of relevant trends within the sector; and are 'bought in' to the ministry being carried out by The Salvation Army.
The current board is made up of professional, dedicated men and women who have a passion for people and a desire to make the city of Thunder Bay a better place for everyone to live.  We are grateful for their support and encouragement.
Vice Chair
Past Chair
Life Member
Life Member
Life Member
Executive Secretary
Divisional Commander  
Divisional Secretary for
    Public Relations & Development
Area Commander
​Area Commander
Recording Secretary
Susan Moore
Janet Sillman
Dave Silliman
Travis Batting
Tim Henderson
​Marilyn Leiterman
Pentti Paularinne
Sandeep Shroff
Steven Sidorski Sr.
Steven Sidorski Jr.

John Barber
Sam Stephenson
David White
Major Lori Mitchell
Major Everett Barrow
Major Pat Phinney
Major Dana Reid
​Major Robert Reid
Gail Kromm
Danielle Haney
Cheryl Lynn McLean
Thunder Bay Advisory Board

Left to right: Tim Henderson, Pentti Paularine, Shirley DeWilde, David Silliman, Major Lori Mitchell, John Barber, Susan Moore, Steven Sidorski Jr. Sam Stephenson, Steven Sidorski Sr.