“As parents we strive to give our children roots and wings; a sense of who they are and where they come from and the skills and confidence to move forward when the time comes. Our Journey to Life Program aims to do the same for our participants.”

Cathy Oleschuk, Program Services Director

Although the construction of the Journey to Life Centre is nearing completion, we are still raising funds for the construction.

We moved into the new building in October 2020, including the first participants in the new Journey to Life Program. Joe, one of the first Journey to Life Program participants, is excited, “It is so good to walk into my apartment, close the door, and make a coffee whenever I want. This is new to me to have my own space.” Now, in the new Journey to Life Centre, he has a chance for more.

The Salvation Army Journey to Life Centre stands as beacon of hope for a new way of living life. Here, those who cycle in and out of shelters will be able to make lasting changes. These changes will take time. It will involve finding new interests and social circles; learning to care for themselves and respecting those around them; developing job skills and finding a home. It will lead to a new perspective on life.

We need your help. You can be a part of their journey to a new way of living. With your gift to our new building fund, you will help Joe and others like him to reach new horizons. Every gift is significant. Please join us on this Journey.

The journey to a better life starts here. Be a part of the journey with a gift to The Salvation Army Journey to Life Centre New Building Campaign.

For more information please call the office at 345-6492

 New Building Campaign Cabinet

 Co-Chairs Barbara McEachern Joe McEachern


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